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Improve Your Child's Confidence in Mathematics


Why Math World?

Grow your child's ability and confidence in mathematics in an engaging and fun way, from pre-school to school leavers

For all children in primary education

Math World is designed to guide your child through subjects and questions from pre-school through to the end of primary education. You child will learn and explore new topics in a fun and engaging way.

More Than 3,000 Questions

Math World comes with a large library of exercises to keep your child engaged. By following the Math World curriculum, your child will grow their abilities and confidence in mathematics.

Track Your Child's Achievements

Math World allows you track your child's progress, achievements, and areas for revision.

Proven to Work

Math World has shown to help improve a child's ability and confidence in mathematics.
All in an engaging and fun way.


Math training for all levels of primary school education


Large number of levels, from basic counting to times tables


Plenty of questions to keep children engaged


Math World will be available in more than 100 countries worldwide

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